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California Process Server Directory Listings

Get the best quotes for having your Summons, Citation, Subpoena, Notice, Eviction, Writ, Foreclosure, Order or Lawsuit Served Properly anywhere in California. We Guarantee On Time Results. California process serving services are performed by local Process Servers in CA who actually care.

California process serving specialists are adept at serving and delivering summonses; orders; writs; lawsuits; claims; subpoenas; complaints; citations; urgent notifications and or demand letters everywhere in California.

The success of our listed California CA process servers is rooted in an unconditional guarantee your business will be handled properly and on time. In addition, our California Process Servers will make sure proper service of process and subpoena services will comply with all court rules, statutes, and your specific directives and goals.

Our network of California Process Servers are available to assist you immediately. When you select a Process Server from our California listings, you are assured an experience similar to thousands of other law offices and attorneys would have been utilizing our Process Servers for more than two decades. We are known for giving clients peace of mind, successful credible service, and a perfect proof or affidavit upon completion of each service. After your California process server effectuates service of process you will receive a properly executed and notarized proof of service, return of service or affidavit by email.

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Listed below are the locations where you will find the best California Process Servers:

California Process Servers Serve Lawsuits, Orders, Writs, Court Documents and Deliver Subpoenas

Process Servers listed in our directory derive ninety percent of their business from Attorneys, Landlords, Finance Companies, Government Agencies and Paralegal Professionals needing service of process assistance in California. So when it comes to experience and understanding your needs, our Process Servers will be there for you each step of the way one hundred percent of the time

Process services in California serve subpoenas, lawsuits, orders, and legal documents properly the first time; an essential step in “Due Process” which is the legal requirement that California and or federal jurisdictions must afford to all people. Our California Process Servers assure proper due process which balances the power of law of the land and protects the individual person from it. If a process server harms a person without following the exact course of the law i.e., Rules of Civil Procedure and or Statutes for proper service of process, this constitutes a due process violation, which offends the rule of law and cheats the individual of her or his rights.

Whether service takes place in California or anywhere in the state, our Process Servers always provide legal process services in accordance with the laws of the issuing jurisdiction. State law and federal law apply to each service and are strictly enforced to protect the rights of our clients and those who we serve process upon. Service of process of lawsuits in California and delivery of subpoenas will be effectuated properly, and due process is assured.

When you retain California Process Servers we assure your lawsuit or subpoena service in California CA will be handled professionally and on time. Our California process services are carefully performed and meticulously finalized. All process services in California are backed by our pledge for guaranteed expediency and accuracy. All process service offerings in California or anywhere in CA are supported a qualified support staff that assures your satisfaction and guarantee accurate results.

Most Process Servers offer 24/7 direct access proprietary database system allows clients to have real-time updates and monitor the status of their California service. California process servers also use the same database to log their efforts of services performed with details in real time.

Listed Process Servers are the most experienced and reputable Process Servers in California, California

Our Process Servers in California provide routinely timed, rush and same day services. Personal and in-hand service of process service of lawsuits, subpoenas, and urgent documents are commonplace for Process Servers, so no worries.

Service of process services in California mainly involve legal proceedings concerning lawsuits, subpoena services, civil litigation, mortgage foreclosures and evictions, debtor collections, contract disputes, employment law, personal injury, medical malpractice, subpoena “Duces Tecum” for records, subpoena witnesses to appear or produce evidence, bankruptcy proceedings, matrimonial, divorce and modification law and all other litigation filed with a court and that which requires statutory service of process.

Any California Process Server you find within our directory is experienced at expediting service of process to any address, and upon any person, or business entity.

Membership in our directory requires every Process Server follow the rule of law to ensure legal process is carried out in accordance with applicable statues and rules. If at any time we learn one of our listed Process Servers does not follow proper procedure, they will be de-listed immediately and banned from our directory for life. It is highly unlikely you will encounter a bad experience, but if you do we will make sure a different Process Server is assigned to your service who will resolve any issues you may have.

After service of process services are complete, the California Process Server you hired will provide a sworn to appropriate proof of service, return on service and or affidavit of service to conform with the issuing court and jurisdiction. The affidavit will specify details such as, the date, time, and place where service was effected, the name of the person or entity served, and an approximate physical description. We believe the affidavit, return of proof of service is a sacred document and it is as important as the service made. Therefore, our Process Server place top priority and emphasis on returning the proof via email as soon as reasonable possible.

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